What an amazing welcome! Everything flowed amazingly well at the Welcome.

The Car door was opened by the porter and with a big smile we were welcomed to The Taj. The reception welcomed us and were taken straight to the reception desk.

Upgraded to a higher Category room.

Welcome drinks were presented: ice tea and then walked to out room by Niranjali. Room facilities show and all the hotel restaurants and facilities explained.

The candle light ceremony happens every evening at 6.30pm. An invitation to the ceremony given.

Room was nice and comfortable.

Today is day 2 and we wake up early to go for breakfast. A fantastic welcome by the management and promptly sat down on a table. Tea , coffee and juice offered.

Every single item is marked on the tables. Red dot to tell us it’s non-veg and a green dot to indicate the item is egg free and vegetarian. Amazing! We exactly know what we are putting in our mouth. No guess work or no stopping and disturbing waiters and asking chefs numerous times what the item is.

A full day at the pool and come up for a hot shower. The Shower is leaking and water flowing all over the Bathroom. One phone call and 15mins later all is fixed and sorted. Now that’s what I call service. The unexpected does happen but it’s how well we sort it.

The pool side beds were very comfortable. Beds made up for us and towels offered immediately with a bottle of water. Very friendly smiles.

The Gym is fairly equipped. Its only 6am so no one in the gym apart from me. The equipment is well looked after and good condition.

The Indian Restaurant: Navratna.

The welcome is very cold. Menus landed on the table and asked to order straight away. Waiters rushing and running around. The managers shouting at waiters. Was this really Taj ? Is this what is expected at their restaurants?

It felt like a “normal” Resturant you would visit in town. Nothing special. Food was ordered. No drinks or wine menus offered. The food was ordered.

Within five minutes the mains came. What happened to my starters i had ordered? “Sorry sir so much rush in this restaurant. Don’t worry we shall cancel the starters!!! ” But i didn’t ask you to cancel the starters.. Never mind too much hassle. The food quality was very average unlike the golden dragon which was Superb.

The only good thing at the Navratna was the instrumental music players entertaining the diners.

The service, the staff attitude and the food quality was really 2*

The Chinese Resturant: Golden Dragon

Absolutely Superb food, service and ambience. No complaints just feel the Indian Resturant management need to spend more time here to learn how its done.

A phone call was made to the porters to pick up our luggage. Within 5 mins the bags arrived at reception. The check out was very smooth. Big smiles and “thank you for visiting us”. Hope to see you soon…

A fairytale Hotel Stay. Thank you Taj!!

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